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There has been a growing number of elderly abuse in the recent year most of which is perpetrated by family members. The other part of the said abuse is committed by caregivers who happen to be inexperienced in giving proper care and hence are stressed by their clients.

According to National Center on Elder Abuse, caregivers can develop stress due to the burden (level of disability) that the elderly person has. The greater the disability, the more care is required and the greater the stress on the caregiver.  Other causes include lack of impulse control, volatility, anger, self-absorption, inability to show enthusiasm, poor concentration, paranoia, withdrawal, aggression, repetition of words or actions, bizarre behavior resulting from hallucinations, severe mood swings, verbal or physical aggression, combativeness, wandering, incontinence, and sleeplessness.

All these stress causing factors make the caregiver undergo “flight or fight” phenomenon which results to physical or emotional abuse to the elder. An example is a case in Minnesota where 3 workers were fired after abusing elderly by pinching, slapping and throwing rubber balls at a resident with Alzheimer’s disease.

It is imperative that when you choose in-house care for your beloved mum, uncle dad or relative, a good research in credentials, experience and background check on any care giving applicants is vital.  Such task can be greatly minimized by experts like SitterCity who will do the enormous job of searching for Local senior care provider in your locality. To find one just input your zip code below.


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